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This month I found it hard to write about myself so I decided to target some of the other creative, artsy folk I admire in Cardiff and quiz them about their individual enterprises. There are obviously loads of people I admire on the creative scene but unless this post was to become a tome, I had to be selective.


First up is the boundlessly talented Ashley of With Love From Bobbin… She happens to be a dear friend of mine, and although that may imply bias, I can guarantee that this girl has crazy skills!!

An off-duty Ashley

An off-duty Ashley


Ashley started her career as a print designer, working with high street brands as well as silk mills in Korea, which she says has shaped her understanding of fabric quality and performance. She has a passion for delicate fabrics, which inspired her to create a bespoke vintage-inspired accessory business, With Love From Bobbin. She explains, “most of my pieces contain an assortment of fabrics and lace, cut and sewn together to create my own motifs. Embroidery and beadwork is challenging but so rewarding.”

One of Ashley's beautiful vintage-inspired headpiece

One of Ashley’s beautiful vintage-inspired headpieces


So, where does Ashley draw her inspiration? Other people! Friends, customers, family and colleagues. In particular, getting to know the individual quirks of others. She also takes advantage of her time in London, visiting exhibitions such as the upcoming Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican. Lucky devil!

Belt and headpiece from With Love From Bobbin.  Dress by Ears and Whiskers.

Belt and headpiece from With Love From Bobbin. Dress by Ears and Whiskers.


With Love from Bobbin operates on a one-to-one consultation basis, each piece handcrafted to a client’s wishes. However, Ashley’s end goal is to also have an online signature collection. Being familiar with her gorgeous work, I cannot wait to see this ambition come to fruition, as I’m sure it will.

Bespoke garters for the quirky vintage-loving bride.

Bespoke garters for the quirky vintage-loving bride.


Next up is Sarah Perryman of Peep Toe Productions. Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter will know that I’ve worked closely with The Siren Sisters (a vintage vocal trio) over the past couple of years, having designed the artwork for their new album ‘Now & Then’ as well as providing illustrations for their merchandise and website. Sarah is the mastermind behind the Sirens’ growing success, having a voice of pure gold, coupled with a work ethic that puts most others to shame!

Sarah chillaxing with one of her many rescues rabbits!

Sarah chillaxing with one of her many rescue rabbits!


Sarah began performing at an early age (4 years old to be precise), developing a real passion for 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s close harmony groups such as The Boswell sisters, The Dinning Sisters and The Andrews Sisters. That’s a lot of sisters! She says that their “talent and professionalism inspires me every day”.

The beautiful Siren Sisters in their trademark red outfits.

The beautiful Siren Sisters in their trademark red outfits.


The Siren Sisters have a busy year ahead, performing at the National Eisteddfod of Wales and the Wales Festival of Remembrance, all the while promoting their debut album which, by the by, is fabulous! They’ll also be touring various theatres with their Christmas show (yes, I said Christmas) so keep an eye out for their festive gigs over the coming months.

The Siren Sisters' logo, designed by moi!

The Siren Sisters’ logo, designed by moi!


As for the future of Peep Toe Productions, Sarah is keeping schtum about her plans but I predict great things ahead!


The last lady I’m going to talk about is the owner of the Little Cake Cupboard, whose Facebook feed always has me in awe of its jaw-droppingly gorgeous confections. The lady in question is Rachel Hains and I recently got an insight into her background, and the direction her business is taking.

Smile! Rachel in her studio.

Smile! Rachel in her studio.


Rachel studied illustration at Loughborough university, specialising in 3D character modeling. It’s clear that the sculpting skills she acquired have come in handy from her extensive sugar paste work. Rachel herself believes that “cakes are an art form in the same way as illustration. When designing a cake you have to consider composition, line, texture, colour and over all aesthetic, much like any other art form.” After seeing her creations, you’ll understand exactly what she means; her attention to detail is phenomenal. At this point I feel it’s worth mentioning that her cakes not only look stunning but also taste fantastic. I should know, having ambushed her last taster day!! So, style AND substance.

One of Rachel's university projects.  Love! Love! Love!

One of Rachel’s university projects. Love! Love! Love!


Being fascinated by what Rachel does and how she executes it with such panache, I was keen to discover what inspired her. She says her inspiration “comes from absolutely everything” and that she “sees cakes in everything I look at these days, from fabric designs, graphics and illustrations to dresses, jewellery and random pieces of twigs and rocks!”

An awesome cake made by Rachel's fair hands.

An awesome cake made by Rachel’s fair hands.


So, what is in store for the Little Cake Cupboard? Well, there’s an Autumn/Winter collection (bring on the change of season, I say!), and Rachel will be launching the ‘Little Cake Cupboard Academy’ around the same time. Think Hogwarts with sugar paste… seriously, sign me up!




I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little bit about these three uber talented ladies as much as I have, and I strongly encourage you to check out their respective websites/social media accounts. These gals are a true representations of Cardiff’s abundance of creative talent.


Thanks for reading, Wobblers! Until next time…


Alistair x



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    July 21, 2014

    Thankyou so much for featuring me boys!
    A great post as always.
    Its so lovely to have support and a creative love-in is a great Monday boost!
    Big loves


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